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ASTRA is an is an aerospace design and engineering company involved with the development and manufacturing of NEXT GENERATION training solutions.  We offer a unique aircraft and simulator combination that will disrupt commercial pilot flight training world-wide as we know it today.



We CARE for what is necessary and important to make a significant contribution


We have enthusiasm and PASSION for innovation and doing things differently


We pursue EXCELLENCE in design, engineering and manufacturing to make the BEST product


We have COURAGE to change and undertake the new 


We FOCUS on markets where we can make a significant difference


We believe in making exceptional value products that are SIMPLE, uncomplicated,

effortless, undemanding and compelling to use


  • Our MISSION is to develop and manufacture NEXT GENERATION, BEST DESIGNED and ENGINEERED aircrafts and simulators, dedicated to flight training academies, instructors, pupil pilots and professional pilots, around the world.

  • The aircraft will be PURPOSE DESIGNED for training - Ab-Initio, aerobatic and upset recovery trainer aircraft together with a first in the world next generation full motion flight simulator. 

  • We will make flight training MORE AFFORDABLE - reducing the cost and time of training commercial pilots by 25% which in turn will help to reduce the bottleneck experienced in commercial airline pilot training globally. 


ASTRA shall emerge as the first and only European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certified Part 21 Design Organisation in South Africa and on the continent. In our pursuit of excellence in Design and Engineering, we include simplicity, quality, safety, cost effective design and technological accelerators to achieve our VISION.

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