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ASTRA offer comprehensive aircraft design and engineering solutions from concept to realisation.  Complete development of aircraft and aircraft components - from the initial design up to prototype production, including flight tests and certification for variety of industries i.e. training and commercial aviation.


All projects completed by our Aerospace Design and Engineering Firm are beautifully designed, modern, technologically advanced, safe, stable, economical and built to last .


Where Innovation Meets Quality Design

ASTRA's Engineers has many decades of combined Aircraft Design and Aerospace Engineering experience.  Using state of the art software, aircraft is thoughtfully designed and tailored to customer requirement from concept to detailed design.


Functional and High Performance Design

ASTRA creates exeptional performing products and to be able to design those products ASTRA's engineers use modern technology CFD analysis software as an integral part of their design process. This results in a much more optimised product 

and reduces the need to over-conservatively engineer, reducing costs and time on long and expensive design processes.

Engineers accelerate key decisions at their workstations as they experiment with design scenarios and hone in on the best, most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective design.

Prototypes however still play an important role in the development process but reducing the time and money expended on them can help a company meet its business goals.  The product is optimised during the design stages and that first physical prototype will often be the design that goes into final manufacturing.


Safe and Stable

ASTRA provides innovative multidisciplinary engineering solutions in aerospace structures, from individual components to complete assemblies.  
The team's experience include computational design, numerical optimization, finite element analysis, structural dynamics, modal testing, multifunctional structures, load, stress, vibration, shock, and environmental testing. 
The engineering solutions are developed through high-fidelity models and multidisciplinary simulations, environmental and materials characterisation testing, and advanced materials to optimise solutions to meet ever increasing performance, size, weight, and environmental challenges as well as cost optimisation.


Where Design Meets Functionality, Intuivity, Comfortability, Safety and Performance

Ergonomics forms  an integral part of airplane design at ASTRA and we are obsessed with improving pilot performance via optimal layout, type of controls and displays.  Our aircrafts is designed so that most people fit -  up to 95 percentile caucasian men and 50 percentile asian women - comfortably fit adding to an overall flying experience.

ASTRA uses high-tech 3-D tools to develop ergonomic designs as well as testing prototypes and combining it with years of real pilot experience, both in defence and commercial industries.  ASTRA's focus is on making a real and positive difference to overall system performance and safety.


Where Engineering Meets Quality, Safety and Performance

ASTRA develops reliable products with innovative and proven solutions to ensure quality, safety and comfort in aircraft and their systems. A crucial part of safety-critical design is to successfully design, develop, integrate, validate and verify the components and subsystems of modern aircraft.  Concerns are addressed head-on in a simulation, modelling and prototyping environment and it supports all the stages of aircraft design. Quality must be designed into a product from the very start and our approach is to work with clients to identify areas of risk at the outset, quantify them, and then eliminate them through a proven process of innovation, experimentation and prototyping.


Lean Manufacturing

ASTRA's fundamental focus is on lean manufacturing - the systematic elimination of non-value added activity and waste from the manufacturing and production process  .

 Our multifunctional design team’s ability to effectively implement concurrent engineering principles are most useful and enable us to rapidly develop low-cost, high-quality certified products that are ready for lean production. Early consideration of manufacturing methods and techniques shortens product development time considerably. It also minimizes development costs and ensures a smooth transition into production for the fastest real time-to-market.

Our products are designed for manufacturing and ease of assembly and maintenance from the start at the concept phase. This is achieved by not only focussing on the thousands of different parts individually but by treating the product as a total system from the user requirement specification right through till withdrawal from service at the end of the aircraft’s economic life. 

Our Lean thinking is applicable to all our business processes.


ASTRA validates designs and engineering through Flight Testing. The flight test phase can range from the test of a single new system to the complete development and certification of a new aircraft. Flight testing is conducted to certify that the aircraft meets all applicable performance and safety requirements.

ASTRA’s most valuable and competitive advantage is that we have an in-house flight testing capability.  A team of 27 highly qualified ex-military fighter and helicopter class-1 test pilots and flight test engineers provide experienced, high quality flight testing and reporting.  They assist with flight test programmes at any level from detailed design to overall programme management including any difficulties that we might encounter. 


Verification of Engineering, Quality, Safety and Performance


ASTRA has partnered with The Institute of System Dynamics and Control, of the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. in Germany (DLR), developing the ASTRA NEXT GENERATION trainer identical full flight motion simulator for commercial application.  

The ASTRA simulator will be a six degrees of freedom (6 DOF) full motion flight simulator - a first in the world for a trainer aircraft. Our research partner have conducted ten years of research on an novel motion platform for flight simulation using an anthropomorphic robot. The research culminated in a flying prototype which ASTRA in association with DLR will complete the design and the certification of the ASTRA NEXT GENERATION trainer identical full flight motion simulator. 

Invaluable and Cost Effective Flight Training and Fleet Management 

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